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Investment and Franchisee Attraction

SWC Bearing Franchisee and Agent Attraction


Joining mode:regional agent/dealer

Investment:RMB 240,000 - 600,000 Yuan



Contact: Investment Attraction Department (General Manager Zhang)


Regionally exclusive agency with brand authorization

In principle, SWC employs only one agent and follows strict regionally general agency regulations. Bugsell is not allowed to ensure stable market price and profit margin of franchisees.

Terminal materials and brand image display support

SWC has made sufficient terminal advertising materials, including but not limited to exquisite albums, product manuals, multi-media CDs, POP display products, small gifts, tools, display boards and samples, and will distribute these materials to the agents by their purchase scale.

Brand protection and support to avoid bugsell

SWC, on the one side, upgrades product anti-fake and anti-bugsell identification, and on the other side, specifies territory for operation of agents by contracts. Moreover, SWC works out strict regional sale policies to forbid cross-regional operation, and marks products with unique QR codes in order to safeguard interests of agents and consumers and protect agents from cutthroat competition.

Regional one-to-one marketing support

SWC, since launch of agent attraction nationwide, builds sales assistant team staffing business elites experienced in marketing practices to assist agents launching programs and expanding markets in one-to-one, periodical, long-run and staged manner, and organizes marketing training meetings regularly to quickly stimulate markets of agents for benefits.

  • Reliable product and service

  • Full-round intelligent operation and maintenance

  • Continuous R&D and innovation

  • Global layout

Agent support

1. Product supply

Powerful production capacity, scientific production management, and quality and sufficient resources to ensure maximum profits of franchisees

2. Operation protection

Exclusive operation, strict regional bugsell preventive measures and executive force to ensure gaining of franchisees

3. Risk evaluation

Dealer success depends on position of its store greatly. SWC, based on its professional experience, proposes detailed suggestions on store positions to investors for reference according to specific position, consumer flow rate, surrounding environment and development prospect.

4. Terminal support

SWC supplies tools needed for store image, decoration design and product display; delivers full-process track services, including decoration guide, store management training, product display guide and store opening planning; provides advertising materials and promotion proposals; organizes regular professional training and irregular touring training dedicated to agents and their employees.

5. Brand promotion

Professional planning and performance competence and integration of promotion modes to provide vigorous support of terminal sales.

6. Joining mode

Multiple joining modes, such as regional agent and dealer

Joining conditions

1. Strong sense of brand and market awareness, correct and profound understanding and recognition of brand, identification with SWC corporate culture and operation ideas.

2. Legal business licensing qualification, full civil right, full civil capacity of conduct and ability to bear legal liabilities independently.

3. Satisfactory market network sources, strong market promotion team and rich business operation experience.

4. Ability to sell products to surrounding areas.

5. Solid capital strength and good market exploitation spirits.

Joining procedures

The investors consult with professional investment advisers about cooperation by telephone, fax or other ways and claim materials; the investors visit the headquarters for project investigation and communicate with employees about business in headquarters; the headquarters evaluates investors and selects qualified investors; both parties, upon agreement on investigation results, conclude contracts; the investors pay fees to the headquarters according to selected investment type; the headquarters arranges investors to receive technical training and grant qualified trainees copper medals; the headquarters guides decoration and design; the headquarters pays continuous attention to operation performance of agents and dealers, and offers operation guide and assistance.

Please fill in the following sheet carefully and send completed sheet to SWC by e-mail. Upon receipt of e-mail, SWC will give reply timely.

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