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Plastic bearing

Plastic bearing

SWC plastic bearing material classification

PEEK high temperature bearing

Peek polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a linear aromatic polymer with chain links in its main chain. Its component unit is o-p-phenylene-o-carbonyl-p-phenylene, which is semi crystalline and thermoplastic. Product Name: PEEK resin is a kind of special engineering plastics with excellent performance. Compared with other special engineering plastics, peek resin has more significant advantages, such as positive high temperature resistance of 260 degrees, excellent mechanical performance, good self-lubricating performance, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant, peel resistance, wear resistance, strong nitric acid resistance, concentrated sulfuric acid resistance and radiation resistance. It can be used in excellent machinery and nuclear engineering Technology such as Cheng and aviation.

PEEK material features: low creep. ·High modulus of elasticity. ·Excellent friction performance. ·It is extremely wear-resistant. ·Resistant to all kinds of media, FDA certified. ·Very good chemical resistance. Flame retardant.

Application Industry: automobile, aerospace, electronic photovoltaic, etc.

SWC PEEK bearing models: peek698, peek6905, peek634, etc.

POM engineering plastic wear-resistant bearing

POM is also called "saigang": it has good POM, also known as polyoxymethylene, and its English name is polyxymethylene (POM for short). Due to its regular molecular structure and crystallinity, it has excellent physical and mechanical properties, which is known as metal plastics.

Advantages: it has good comprehensive performance and colorability, high elastic modulus, high rigidity and hardness, tensile strength, bending strength, excellent creep resistance and fatigue resistance, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, good dimensional stability, good surface luster, high viscoelasticity, small water absorption, excellent electrical insulation, and not affected by temperature; water absorption Small, good insulation resistance and not affected by humidity. Mechanical properties are little affected by temperature. It has high mechanical strength and wear resistance of thermal deformation temperature. It can be used in the temperature range of - 40℃to 100℃. It is suitable for making more precise plastic bearings. It has good self-lubricating performance and low friction coefficient.

Disadvantages: it is not resistant to acid, alkali and ultraviolet radiation of moonlight. It has poor thermal stability and is easy to burn. It is easy to age and decompose when exposed to the sun in the atmosphere. The decomposition temperature is 240 degrees. POM plastic bearing is widely used in all plastic bearings. POM is generally used as the internal and external ball materials, and nylon PA66 reinforced by glass fiber is used as the cage, The ball is made of glass ball, stainless steel ball or ceramic ball, which performs well in alkaline environment but is not suitable for operation in acid corrosion environment.

The products are applied to: automobile, machine tool, instrument internals, etc.

SWC POM bearing models POM6300, POM680, etc.

PP, PE acid resistant plastic bearing

PE: Polyethylene (PE for short) is a thermoplastic resin made of ethylene by polymerization. Under normal temperature, the material is insoluble in general solvents, has little water absorption, no oil self lubrication, anti magnetoelectric insulation, no odor, and feels like wax. It has excellent low temperature resistance (the minimum operating temperature can reach - 70 ~ - 100℃).

Advantages: it has excellent chemical stability and is resistant to corrosion of hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, formic acid, amines, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and other chemicals at room temperature.

Disadvantages: nitric acid and sulfuric acid have a strong destructive effect on polyethylene, which is easy to photo oxidation, thermal oxidation and ozone decomposition, and easy to degrade under the action of ultraviolet light. Carbon black has an excellent light shielding effect on polyethylene. After irradiation, it can cross link, break chain and form unsaturated group.

PE plastic bearing is generally used in weak acid alkali corrosion environment, with good material lubricity and smooth bearing rotation. HDPE / PP / UPE / PE is used for the inner and outer rings of the bearing, HDPE / PP / UPE / PE is used for the cage, and glass beads / stainless steel beads / ceramic beads are used for the ball.

PE plastic bearing is generally used in weak corrosion and acid-base working environment. Its self-lubricating performance is incomparable with other plastic bearings. The inner and outer rings of the bearing are PE, the cage material is PE or PA66, the ball is glass ball, stainless steel ball or ceramic ball.

SWC PP, PE bearing model: PP, PE63, etc.

SWC PTFE, PVDF corrosion resistant bearing

PVDF: PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride, translucent or white powder or particle, closely arranged between molecular chains, with strong hydrogen bond, oxygen index of 46%, non combustible, crystallinity of 65% ~ 78%, density of 1.77 ~ 1.80g/cm3, melting point of 172℃, thermal deformation temperature of 112 ~ 145℃, long-term use temperature of - 40 ~ 150℃.

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) in fluoroplastics has the characteristics of strong toughness, low friction coefficient, strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and good radiation resistance.


1) Good chemical resistance, processability, fatigue and creep resistance.

2) Chemical stability, electrical insulation, so that the production of equipment to meet the requirements of full and sufficient fire resistance.

3) In fluoroplastics, it has the characteristics of strong toughness, low friction coefficient, strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, climate resistance and good radiation resistance.

4) Good heat resistance and high dielectric strength

SWC PVDF bearing model: PVDF6710, etc. 

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